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Welcome to Rob Sandusky's Development Projects, Rants and Raves

Skip it all, visit it's my new Magento training area. I'm posting articles about Magento Themes, Magento Development, Magento Scripts etc...

If you're looking for Rob Sandusky, aka Robert Sandusky, you've found the right place. I've been working in web development for over 10 years and in the past few years I've started to specialize in Search Engine Optimization.

There are so many Rob Sandusky's on the web now, that I've found that it's much harder to optimize my name above them, however this along with most of my other sites should start to climb to the top, with some recent changes I've made.

If you would like to keep up on some of my craziest thoughts and ideas check out the Rob Sandusky Blog at otherwise some times I'm known to update my Twitter from time to time also. Lastly if you still haven't gotten enough of my random thoughts ideas and the like you can find Mr. Sandusky at Facebook

This weeks new project is a website to review webhosting services and website hosts. If you are interested in keeping tabs on the progress take a look at check it often as it will soon start to climb the search engines. It's a lesson in optimization.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!!

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